2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 300 Sedan Has Impeccable Handling and Innovative Safety Features

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With a sporty design and luxurious interior, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 300 Sedan provides ideal handling and a plethora of safety features to go along with it. For efficiency, you get to utilize the ECO Start/Stop system that gets offered that will idle your engine when at stoplights to help with your fuel emissions. When you go to cruise again, your engine will rev up and let you continue on your journey. You can also turn off this feature whenever you please. You can also change which mode you would like to drive in depending on driving conditions. You can do this with the available Dynamic Select amenity that can support you if you want to drive in Sport mode or maybe you just want to sail in the Comfort mode.

If safety is a top concern, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 300 Sedan has plenty of features to support your concerns. For assistance with collisions, there is the Collision Prevention Assist Plus that uses radar technology to warn you if there is a vehicle approaching yours. When you begin to brake your car, the Adaptive Brake Assist feature will help to assure that you will brake in time. For additional assistance with attentive driving, the ATTENTION ASSIST® feature will continually monitor ahead of you and give you warnings if the vehicle senses any kind of tiredness while you are driving. There are many other features that get included with these vehicles that can assist you with things like pedestrian detection and even assistance with steering.

To experience how impressive all of these features are and how they can enhance your driving, call us at Cardenas Metroplex in Harlingen, TX, for availability of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 300 Sedan or come down and talk with one of our knowledgeable team members.

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan Brings Innovation to Your Fingertips

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The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan not only is innovative in its design but there are many advanced technological aspects of these vehicles that can help ensure your safety. With available World-first Car-To-X Communication technology, you can get real-time updates about surrounding driving conditions, and your car can even help other vehicles by giving out updates as well. Another amenity that looks after the safety of you and your passengers is the PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side that promptly inflates the front-seat bolster so you can get support when there is an impact.

For your entertainment and other applications you can utilize the COMAND® navigation that gets offered with the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan that can give you maps, live updates on traffic, and can even give you lane advice! You will surely get impressed with the innovation that is put into the touchpad as well. You not only can tap the touchpad, but you can twist and also use handwriting to access certain applications. Don’t feel as if you will fall short on performance either with one of these cars. These vehicles give you an option which mode you would like to travel in with the available DYNAMIC SELECT dials where you can choose such options like throttle, chassis, or Sport mode.

With a plethora amount of novelties that make the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan such a noteworthy choice as your next vehicle, the only way to get the full effect of what the vehicle can offer you is to see one in person. Come down to Cardenas Metroplex in Harlingen, TX, today!

The Lifespan of Tires

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There are many different factors that play into the lifespan of a vehicle's tires. The design of the tires, and how long they are designed to last, will play a large part in it. Also, the driving habits of the vehicle's driver as well as the climate and the road conditions will also play a role in the tire's lifespan.
More aggressive drives as well as rougher road conditions with many potholes or windy roads will cause the tires to wear out faster. If the tires aren't properly cared for, such as getting regular rotations of the tires, then the tires will wear out faster, as well.
After ten years of having the tires, it is recommended that they most definitely be replaced – unless there are signs that show they need to be replaced sooner. It is important to have your tires inspected yearly after having them for five years to make sure that you are remaining as safe as possible.

<i>KBB.com</i> Explains What Sets the 2017 Mercedes-AMG&reg; GT Apart from the Pack

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Might you be in the market for a high-performance luxury sports coupe? Well, if so, we here at Cardenas Metroplex feel you're sure to get your fill from ours, the 2017 Mercedes-AMG® GT.

Wondering what it is that this beastly beaut brings to the table?

Then, join Kelley Blue Book Senior Associate Video Editor Zach Vlasuk in the clip below; his appraisal of the AMG® GT is as follows:

There are two distinctive drivetrains offered for the AMG® GT.

The first, a turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, teams with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and turns out a terrific 456 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque.

The range-topping GT S model, meanwhile, ups the ante significantly. On this model, the turbo-V8 is rated a ridiculously robust 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque.

To learn more about this debonair dynamo, or to take one for a spin, we suggest you set a course for our Harlingen, TX location. Our automotive aces are on hand to address your every query about the AMG® GT, or any other Mercedes-Benz model within the current lineup.

Mercedes-Benz Celebrates its 50th Anniversary with AMG GT Concept Performance Hybridization

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The Geneva International Motor Show gave proof that the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT family is getting a four-door fastback variant to continue the legacy of the SLS AMG and AMG Hypercar, and it promises to be a monster of a sports car.

An EQ Power+ performance hybrid, AMG GT will showcase a handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine shelling out up to 805 horsepower, as well as an energetic, lightweight, long-range electric motor with three selectable operating modes to let you cruise on pure electric, engine only, or with optimal hybrid combination. You'll even be able to recoup battery power while driving thanks to brake recuperation tech, or via AMG GT's V8 if battery charge drops below certain threshold. The GT concept plans to have the aerodynamism chops to complement, with a Panamericana grille, slim headlamps, side air gills, moving center radiator shutters and a deeply drawn hood design, flanked by a raked windscreen, that extends to the wheel arches. But perhaps most eye-popping of all, the vehicle boasts ascent from 0-60 mph in up to three seconds. The fact that it'll be a road commander is serious understatement.

But Mercedes-Benz isn't sacrificing amenities for under-hood panache. Everyday utility persists in the form of AMG GT's large tailgate, spacious luggage compartment, and an interior that bespeaks the comfort requisite to a sport design.

What can this mean for the future of changing Mercedes-Benz drive configurations? Only time will tell. While we await this dynamo, our Cardenas Metroplex showroom offers a diverse ljneup of top-notch road warriors just revving for test drives. Stop by from Brownsville, San Juan, Mercedes, Los Fresnos or Edcouch and experience one for yourself today!

Three Mercedes-AMG GT3 Entries Set to Wow the Circuit in 2017 Season-Opening Pirelli World Challenge Race

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And much like the Mercedes-AMG DTM team attests, this weekend's event in St. Petersburg, Florida will be about winning the right way, with the right balance of Mercedes-Benz know-how, skill and tech.

It's going to be an adrenalized thrill-ride of a doubleheader, with 50-minute races on Saturday and Sunday seeing the No. 2 CRP Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3, driven by Ryan Dalziel, go head to head with other competitors in the top-tier GT class, as well as the No. 54 Black Swan Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3 and No. 69 Champ1 Mercedes-AMG GT3, driven by Tim Pappas and Pablo Perez Companc respectively, compete for GTA dominance. This year showcases an expanded Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Customer Racing program, making it the largest North American motorsports effort to date for Mercedes-AMG.

And the team plans to speed to victory thanks to a specially hand-built, naturally-aspirated, 6.3- liter V8 engine, standard under the hood of the latest version of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car, itself based on the hard-charging Mercedes-AMG GT S road model.

Needless to say, we at Cardenas Metroplex are staying tuned not only to www.world-challenge.com but for the 20-minute GT and GTA class qualifier, starting at 10:05 a.m. EST on Friday, March 10th, in advance of the weekend's first 45-minute competition. Saturday, March 11th will see Round 1 at 9:35 a.m. EST, with a second and final GT/GTA race at 3:15 p.m. EST, Sunday, March 12th. In the meantime, feel free to stop by our Harlingen showroom and treat yourself to your own test drive behind the wheel of a comparable 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG-Class roadster, or any other C-Class, CLA-Class, E-Class or S-Class vehicle. We're looking forward to meeting you!

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE43 SUV Brings a Performance Edge to GLE400 Design

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What SUV could possibly complement the sleek gloss-black-trim of the athletic Mercedes-Benz 4-door GLE43 coupe? January 31st, 2017 provided quite the memorable answer, with the eponymous automaker releasing the ninth model in its AMG 43 line with a set of performance features to put the wow factor into the already impressive GLE400 build. That model was the 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE43 SUV, and we at Cardenas Metroplex couldn't wait to take a peek under that powerhouse hood.

GLE43 kicks off its five-passenger experience with some serious power. An AMG-enhanced 3.0L V6 biturbo powertrain shells out up to 362 horsepower, and with up to 384 lb-ft of torque brought under reliable control by an AMG-enhanced 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission and AMG Performance 4MATIC® all-wheel drive, GLE43 shows itself an owner of the road. Selectable Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Individual and Slippery modes make it easy to personalize the drive experience with GLE43's AMG Dynamic Select System, letting you set suspension stiffness, shift points, throttle mapping and idle speed according to your driving style and putting the finishing touches on finely tuned steering and precision handling.

And GLE43 is as convenience feature-replete as it is a hard charger. Up to 38.2 cu. ft. of cargo space (up to 80.3 cu-ft with seats lowered), accessible from behind the rear seats via a standard power lift gate, provides ample storage for the long haul. A power sunroof and heated front seats are standard in GLE43, too, so you can take in pleasant weather or help GLE43 temperature controls create a custom cabin climate.

Whether you want to see what the Mercedes-Benz GLE43 can mean for you, or another vehicle interests you from our wide gamut of brand-new SUVs from AMG GLC43 and GLE, to GLA250, GLC300, GLE350 and GLS450, we're just a short trip away in the Harlingen, TX area. Stop by our showroom, conveniently located on N. Loop 499, from Brownsville, San Juan, Mercedes, Los Fresnos or Edcouch. We look forward to setting you up for a test drive!

What Can the February Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre‑Owned Sales Event Mean for You?

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Now until February 28, Cardenas Metroplex is participating in the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre‑Owned Sales Event. That means you can now own the Mercedes-Benz vehicle of your dreams, with the value of new, at less than new cost, and with a few bonuses atop.

Mercedes-Benz offers low rates, excellent financing options and other offers on select inventory. For as little as 1.99% APR for 72 months on select C-Class and E-Class vehicles or as little as 2.99% APR for 48 months on select CLA, GLK and M-Class vehicles, Mercedes-Benz surely has an offer for you.

So what does certified pre-owned mean? The automaker puts each model through a rigorous 164-point inspection to appraise it for potential certified status, making General, Engine Compartment, Engine Component, Electrical System, Undercarriage, Drivetrain, Chassis, Body, Pre-Road Test, Road Test, Post-Road Test and Appearance evaluations, so you can rest assured you’re your prospective Mercedes-Benz is a showcase of near-new quality.

And every Mercedes-Benz that qualifies as certified pre-owned includes any remaining portion of the Mercedes-Benz four-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty (whichever comes first), as well as comprehensive additional vehicle coverage encompassing engine, powertrain, steering, suspension, brakes (excluding wear of discs and pads), electrical system, climate control system and more. That means another 12 months of coverage, and with unlimited miles.

Additional benefits through Mercedes-Benz may include 24/7 Personal Assistance, Nationwide Dealer Support, Trip Interruption Coverage and Vehicle Exchange Privilege, as well as options to purchase a Mercedes-Benz Star Prepaid Maintenance service package, should you wish to go that extra mile.

Come see us here at our Harlingen, TX showroom from Brownsville, San Juan, Mercedes, Los Fresnos, Edcouch, or points between, and we'll be happy to discuss the options open to you, field questions, address concerns, or just let you get behind the wheel of a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz model for a test-drive. We look forward to meeting you!

Stay Safe with Vehicle Maintenance

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The care that drivers provide to their vehicles will ultimately determine how well it operates and continues to run. There are many different parts of cars, making it crucial that the car is maintained throughout the year by following a specific schedule.

Car owners need to look through the owner's manual that came with their vehicle, to ensure that they follow the instructions on how to care for the specific make and model. The services have been specifically chosen based on the design and assembly of the vehicle so that the car lasts as long as possible and operates smoothly when it's in use.

When your vehicle is in need of service each year, it's important to schedule an appointment with our qualified technicians to ensure that you replace old parts and request an inspection. We will gladly provide our variety of services to ensure that you remain safe on the road.

The Mercedes-Benz CPO Program Puts Luxury Ownership Within Your Reach

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Drivers who are dreaming of a luxury vehicle but dreading the cost of a brand new car or SUV should consider a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz from Cardenas Motorplex in Harlingen, TX. A Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz make ownership more accessible by offering exceptional quality, later model vehicles at a comfortable price point. The Mercedes-Benz CPO Program also offers drivers peace of mind with several comprehensive roadside assistance and protection plans. Drivers who purchase a CPO Mercedes-Benz will enjoy a unique warranty that extends for one year and unlimited miles; there are also extended warranties available, again with unlimited miles. Drivers will even enjoy 24/7 Roadside Assistance including flat-tire change, a free jump-start, or some fuel for an empty tank. Stop by Cardenas Motorplex to explore our inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz models, and let us help you find the perfect Mercedes-Benz for you.

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